Artisan Arborist Tree Care, LLC

       "Travis and his team (Artisan Arborist Tree Care) have been out to my home twice now. The first time this past summer (2017) to trim two large Sycamore trees and the second time, this winter (2018) to trim both a Pin Oak and a Sweet Gum - both of which had been poorly maintained and needed a LOT of work to cut all the dead out. The work he did was incredible. Travis expertly trimmed the Sycamores while also adhering to my request that he keep the shape of the canopy as we live on a tree-lined street. The job was beautifully done. Even more amazing was the work he did on the Oak trees in the back. I wish I had before pictures, but I posted some of the "after" - and I am again thrilled with the results! The dead is all gone and the sunlight I'm going to get in the back yard now is going to be great come Spring and Summer! Even better, I know my trees are now healthy and I don't have to worry about large dead branches falling on my deck or roof. I also need to mention his clean up is second to none! My yard and deck look better now than they did before the tree trimming. Every leaf, branch, stick, etc was completely raked and cleaned up. That was an extra that I wasn't expecting, but truly just icing on the cake of a fantastic job. Travis is an expert at what he does and I highly recommend his services!" 
-Kenna Ryder


      "Very great work from a knowledgeable arborist. I had two trees worked on, one trimmed up to save the tree behind it because it needed sunlight. Without their service I would have thought it was the other tree that needed work. The other tree they worked on was rotting from being topped. They made sure to get rid of all of the damage before more could spread. If you want your tree cared for correctly, go with this company!"
-Sarah Flemming